FRIDAY  |  May 19  |  10AM-4PM

SATURDAY  |  May 10  |  12-4PM

CB Grey founder and artist Courtney Buchanan has become known for her luxurious, fashion-forward, boldly artistic, and deeply meaningful silk scarves and accessories, and particularly to patrons of the Alys Shoppe where her scarves, including "The Alys," created in collaboration with Alys Beach, are prominently displayed.

In celebration of the Digital Graffiti festival, CB Grey is holding a very special Trunk Show weekend this Friday and Saturday, featuring the namesakes and inspirations behind the designs! Special beverages, discounts, and giveaways will accompany the different Trunk Show features; the detailed schedule is included below.

On Friday, floral designer Lauren Smith of "The Lauren" collection, artist (who's work will be displayed in the DG show) Elise Lyon of "The Elise" collection, and Curamia Tequila, inspiration behind "The Curamia" collaboration, will be showcased.

On Saturday, children's book author and 2021 Mrs. USA Earth Meredith Pope of "The Meredith" collection will join Courtney for a book signing and, throughout the day, Courtney and the Alys Shoppe team will be offering styling tips and demonstrating the many creative ways to wear and use your scarves and shawls, minis and pocket squares/handkerchiefs. 

CB Grey's silk accessories are the perfect way to punctuate your wardrobe year-round, and they're especially wonderful for adding a punch of color to your Digital Graffiti attire. She's got something for both men and women! Pop by the Alys Shoppe to visit, imbibe, for creative inspiration, and to meet the artist and the inspirations behind the beautiful CB Grey designs.