Zoom Stone Tones Tie Dye Kit

Stone Tones Tie Dye Kit

Upcycle your fabric with everything you need - This tie dye set includes Black, Grey And Tan colors in 3 bottles of custom clothing dye with 6 refill packs of dye - a total of 9 full bottles for multiple projects! Plus 3 bags of soda ash for pre-soaking items, disposable gloves, 30 ties and easy-to-use technique guide. From blank to swank - Create tie dye fashion with monochromatic technique, two-tone dyeing, ombre and multiple colors. Use the tie dye folding techniques guide to create patterns like Sic Stripes-Bruh, Spill the Tea Spirals, The Crumple-stiltskin and Ombre All Day. Complimentary & on-trend colors: - Our colors are selected to compliment each other, SLAY IN GRAY (charcoal grey dye
), I GOT YOUR BLACK (black fabric dye) & HANDY DANDY SANDY (tan). All dye is non-toxic and machine wash safe. MORE THAN T-SHIRTS - Use refills for multiple projects like monochromatic joggers, crop top hoodies, jumpsuits, denim, tights, shoes, and DIY tie dye face mask. Upcycle used clothes