Zoom Sailormade - Rayminder UV Awareness Bracelet in Sodalite

Sailormade - Rayminder UV Awareness Bracelet in Sodalite

Wear the Rayminder UV Awareness Bracelet in frosted sodalite to add sun safety to your everyday bracelet stack. Each bracelet from our Rayminder UV Awareness Collection has a uv sensitive bead that reacts when exposed to sunlight. The bead changes from clear to color suggesting you should apply sunscreen, find shade, and cover up. It's your ray-minder to take care of your skin and leave the wrinkles for the raisins!* $1 from every unit sold is donated to IMPACT Melanoma, a national nonprofit working to prevent skin cancer through awareness and education. Our Rayminder UV Awareness bracelet in sodalite when clear direction is need to uncover buried treasure. Sodalite increases intuition and mental clarity to support clear communication. Choose from 4mm or 6mm beads. One size fits most. *Our UV beads are for fashion and awareness purposes only, cannot gauge the UV Index, and should not be used for medical purposes.